Dang it! Losing referrals...anyone else?

Man, so close to the finish line and I keep seeing my referrals drop! 4 of them actually, two in the last couple of weeks! :confused: Besides really wanting to get my hands on my glowforge to play with it…I can’t wait for another reason…that those who used my referral code won’t cancel! This is discouraging. I worked hard for every single one.
Has anyone else seen a drop recently in their referrals? I would’ve guessed this far into the waiting game, and seeing the units being delivered, that I was home free.

(However, I understand there are always emergencies that happen, and sometimes we just have no choice)


I noticed that I lost a referral in the past few weeks :sob:

I appear to have lost 5 referrals. Which seems like a lot… but, as you say, sometimes there are emergencies. So long to wait to then have to bail. :crying_cat_face:

just by counting the number of emails and comparing to the list, i lost about a third of my referral number. i’m honestly a little surprised both that this many cancelled and that this many didn’t. still not bad considering it’s been a couple of years for most of those referrals, i think.

I bought on a referral link from @m_raynsford but I never published mine when I found out it wasn’t a finished product. I might when I receive one if it works as advertised because being seen recommending it before that feels unethical.

Now does seem an odd time for a run of cancellations but there can be big changes in people’s circumstances over two years.


With all the delays, the Glowforge wait has been sucky, and I definitely thought through the implications of cancelling. The gist of it for me is that there are no other easily used and well priced lasers out there that I won’t have to tinker bunches with to get working. Even then, when the email came, it was time to really decide to go ahead with it, or refund and reinvest that money somewhere else. I could see where others might have decided not to go ahead with the order when faced with imminent forever purchase. Not saying that is the case for every referral, but maybe some.


I haven’t lost any. Still holding rock steady at 0.


I was thinking the same thing @jamely pointed out. @jrnelson, it is possible to tell if those that cancelled ordered in the first few days?

sure, just look at the dates for when you got an email confirmation of a referral and match up the names from those emails. i’m not going to bother, though.

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The software to display cancellations was only just rolled out, so you’re seeing two years of cancellations over just a few weeks.


@dan is that list all of our referrals? Or does it cap at the 10 we’re getting paid back on and anyone past #10 isn’t shown? Just kinda curious to know if I had any cancellations.

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There was emails for referrals? I never got a single one…however, there were issues with my email address in the beginning that I’m pretty sure got sorted out. I get some notifications now at least. I have no idea where any of my referrals came from, or who. Thanks if it was any of you! :smile:
I guess I’m with @jrnelson, I’m surprised at the influx of cancellations at this point in the wait…but yet, also surprised that so many still stuck it out!
I was following my gut on this one. I’ve never backed any type of campaign, this is my first and only. I’ve always believed the wait was worth it for this laser cutter.

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About not knowing who my referrals are…I just went back to that screen, and there they are! Either that list is new, or I just haven’t scrolled down past the referral bar…ever. ha. And I don’t know who any of them are, or where they came from, but I see names!

it’s a new feature.

Now I’m gonna feel like a stalker. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know - if you post in Problems & Support they can find an answer for you.

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I had a total of 15 referrals and lost 6 so far. Makes me wish I had left my referral code up longer but I took it down as soon as I saw I had 10 to try and spread the wealth. Still 9 is great if we all stay in it for the long hall!

Keep holding on people that time is near!!!

Out of 20 I lost 12 already…

Only shows 8 now, before there were 10 :frowning:

On the referral page, it says “You can do this a maximum of 10 times.”

It is starting to look like a large proportion have cancelled. Perhaps there is some hope of getting one before the end of October.