Dark bed

does anyone know how to get the bed to have more light? It is super hard to place objects. I even have a lamp directly over the bed.

Is this new behavior? Have you tried adjusting your computer screen?

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There are lights on both sides of the door. When it’s closed they brighten up. If they are not you should contact support.

If they are then check the brightness of your monitor. Also, they will go to sleep after a while, under the 3 dot menu there is an option to refresh the bed which will wake them back up again.

You shouldn’t have a light shining directly into your bed as that can cause the laser to not be able to center!


On several occasions I thought it was getting dark and found that using a zeiss wipe on the camera in the middle of the lid brought on great improvement. Beyond that, those LED “work lights” with an array of bright LEDs can be laid on the lid while you are setting the placement only so it does not affect anything else and will be brighter than a regular lamp that can mess with setup.


This is one brand but there are many…

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