Dark Blue Light?

My GF Basic’s button has changed to a dark blue. It recently had a mild blue due, but now its a deep blue. Does the color change mean something? And no, it’s not the color for the WiFi pairing mode. It’s much darker.

Could this be an “end of tube life” indicator? The machine is pretty old, but it still works pretty well. Here’s a pic, with my GF Pro on top for comparison.

Well that’s kind of cool - but no, AFAIK that’s not an indicator for anything they’ve made public!

Is it working as expected beyond the light? I mean, it’s possible the LEDs have blown, they’re clearly addressable since we get so many colours… Looking forward to reading the staff response!


It has a few issues, but overall it works pretty well. The button still turns the normal white color when running, it just now is blue when it’s idle. Weird, huh?



If everything’s working well, then all I have to say is you’re lucky to have such a pretty light! It’s certainly unique.


Thank you for reaching out about this. It’s possible that this might be a cosmetic issue with the LEDs inside the button as @deirdrebeth mentioned. Since you have more than one Glowforge, I want to ensure that we’re looking at the correct logs while we review this. May I have the serial number located on a label on the back of the machine for the unit with the blue button?

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