Dashboard Sorting - Sort of

Greetings All -

Did a search and didn’t find anyone mentioning this, so thought I’d post it. Since GF lets you ‘invite’ other users, I invited my work (email) and my daughter (email) so I have three separate logins. This helps me sort my projects into groups. I can even share my Premium status with each, so I retain those features regardless of which I’m logged into.

Frequently I’ll work on a personal item, and while it’s printing switch to my work acct window to do a project there (while the other prints). So when my personal one is done, I’m ready to hit print on the work account, or just print another set of the personal acct item, and switch back to work acct, or my daughters login to do kid stuff next.

Note, some browsers don’t let you have multiple account logins open at once, it just reverts the window you’re in to whatever account you ‘logged into’ last in another window. But if all else fails, just have one (login) open in Chrome, one in Safari / other, and one in Edge, and they all work at the same time, separately. Likewise you can have one open on an ipad / tablet, and one login open on a computer/ phone, etc.

Unfortunately, or mabey fortunately depending on your usage, custom material setting are separate by login, so NOT shared across accounts. But (effectively) having 3 top level ‘Folders’ in dashboard is much better than nothing…


You can have multiple tabs in the same account open simultaneously, there is no need for separate accounts to have projects queued up and ready to go.

Just open up a new dashboard tab and go nuts.

For me the negatives would outweigh the positives you described. I need custom settings all the time (I do almost no work with proofgrade materials), and I don’t need to have folders as badly as that. I just name my projects carefully, so they are simple to search for.


It is unfortunate that you cannot “give” your design directly to a different user on the same machine or something similar with custom settings. But as much as I would like to have even just three tabs most of what I would want would be lost as most of getting the cut ready could never do a Set focus etc while it was cutting anyway.


I often prep one design (or several) while I’m cutting something. No, it can’t set the focus, but I can upload the design, enter my settings, place the design in the general area of where I know I’ll be placing it, when that’s possible. Sometimes I do this even when my Glowforge is turned off (like over the weekend when I was uploading a bunch of designs to have ready for the next morning).


I have way too many tabs open ready to print too:-). But, a great idea to have the 3 accounts so you could do some sorting of sorts so thanks for sharing the idea!