Dashboard wasted space?


is there a way to hide the support banner it takes up a large chunk of realistate that i would rather use for projects


Interesting. The Latest Improvements announced more dashboard space this week. Does seem that the Support banner is taking up way to much real estate. On my laptop using Chrome I get 4 designs across and 4 down.


(cropped but basically what I see)

The banner does waste a bunch of space.

I’d preferred folders in some kind. Details view of some kind. Sort options of some kind (i.e. showing the last op ran verse clicking show more 5 times to find it. Oh and kill the show more button with fire. Just show either 25, 50, 75, 100 or all (user settable).


You must have a huge monitor. I widened the browser window as much as possible and still get only six.


in the print screen I was running split screen on my 30inch monitor 2560/1600 so that print screen represent 1280x1600 so that is still ALLOT of pixels 2,048,000 ( a 1920x1080 is 2,073,600)


I HATE that UI technique. Let me have a show “X” number or just keep the scroll bar enabled (like they do in Thingiverse - Hah! How about that for dissing a design choice when yours are worse than theirs? :smile: )


HATE HATE HATE!!! show more


It’d be nice to have a few different view options for the design grid. When I see this, I can’t help but think of my Kodi and the various view options it has for recordings…

  • Wall (like what the current view is: preview tiles everywhere with title underneath, no blue sidebar)
  • Infowall (preview tiles everywhere, title underneath… but in place of the blue sidebar there are detail notes about the selected design)
  • Wide list (no preview tiles, only a list of titles. The blue sidebar shows the preview tile for the selected item, title, plus detail notes of the design)

There’s probably others, but those are the most common.


Apparently the number of designs changes with the zoom level of the browser. On Chrome on a 13" laptop at 100% it shows a 4x4. At 75% its 6x4. At 50% its 32 designs, roughly 7x4. A little too small to use comfortably.

Agree, would rather just load up a bunch at a reasonable icon size and have to scroll down.


How is nobody in this thread talking about that A+ “Dinner Is Coming” joke? Come on.


^ YES +111!111!111

Have requested this (via forum + email) many times. Officially requesting it again. Please.

(not yelling, just very enthusiastic and emphatic about this one)


There isn’t a way to hide the support banner (or create folders) at this point - I’ve passed on your feedback!