Can you cut earring on the Dashwood?

Not sure what you mean. What’s the “dashwood”?

Oops I meant draftboard. I didn’t have my glasses on and I thought it said dashboard. Silly me. But can you cut earrings on draftboard?

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Yes…? You can cut anything into draftboard, all depends on what you’re trying to get as an end result. Draftboard isn’t exactly “pretty”.

Hardwoods work well, but you have to be careful about what designs you’re using, because they can be fragile depending on how you cut them.

Plywoods like PG maple and walnut and cherry are good candidates, because they’re strong even when cut into delicate shapes.

Anyway. The answer is yes, with some caveats.

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As stated, it depends on the design.

Simple shapes that you plan to engrave or paint will be fine. Intricate cut designs might be fragile.

“It depends”…

Thank you all so much!

I would recommend staying with 0.06 to 0.08 wood + acrylic, or 4 oz leather, for earrings.
Those hook loops are rather small.

I have gotten around that by putting dual rings on thick material, though. First ring big enough for material thickness, then second ring to get hole pointed in right direction for the loop.

(as a guy I have no skin in the game, but there are sides to this dangle argument. Either they like them all a jangle, like dual rings on a loop, or they want them firmer. AKA: just on the loop. No moderate central ground, so I usually ask which they prefer).

Also of note, that two color acrylic is awesome for earrings.


Search Made on a Glowforge for earrings and you’ll find plenty of examples of what other people have done. Somewhere there is also a discussion about earring hardware and the pros and cons of the cheapest stuff versus spending a little more.

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