Dat cardboard tho


My work is adding new and dual monitors to every workstation in the office. I asked what they were gonna do with the boxes. I offerred to break them down at home… do you think this is enough (this is only about half)

The tops and bottoms are nice solid 14x22, that after a little cutting is perfect for the 12x20 bed. Plus one good 5x14 side and a 5x22 side.


twenty points for sustainability, twenty points for ingenuity, twenty points for preparedness equals a total win! (extra credit for hoarding and pack rat skills) :+1:


I call it a good start.


Irony: If only there was an energy-efficient cutting tool that required virtually no physical exertion on your part to help cut and break those boxes down into flat panels…


Using the black and yellow “fatboy” razor knife seen in the second picture (center) i cut about 30 boxes up into the flats you see on the table to the left, and the dozen and a half flats in the first pic.

Following the box lid, i just cut all the way around the box, and the flats stay secure, the junk walls fall away. It is pretty minimal effort.

Some of these im not going to cut up. The interior of the box is cardboard walled and fits exactly a 12x20 monitor… so you guessed it, makes a handy dandy carrying case to bring 12x20 cut acrylic, while keeping it protected from and impacts and scratches. The reinforced handle allows for me to carry in one hand what i would normally handle with 2.

Anyone want a couple? I have more on the way.


By the way, nice poster :wink:


Just did that with almost all the boxes from my self-assembled Ikea kitchen :smiley: I can foresee a reality tv series dedicated to cardboard box hoarders coming soon. “No, don’t take my boxes, they’re for my Glowforge!” they’ll shout. “Oh sure, your Glowforge, and where is it?” “Well, I don’t have it yet, but it’ll come one day, you’ll see!” :smile:


It’s a wall scroll, actually. There’s a cowboy bebop one behind the boxes, and then around the room i have another love hina, another cowboy bebop, ghost in the shell (sac) trigun, death note, attack on titan, and ah my goddess. In addition to table top gaming products, i plan to make a few anime related items as well, when the gf gets here.


Here is my thin stash at home. Have a couple square yards of shipping boxes ready do making that globe lamp.


Haha–looks like your diet is about the same as ours.


I made this the other day on an Epilog at the office. Etching on anodized aluminum comes out quite nice I think :slight_smile:


Gotta love Cowboy Beebop.


Once these shelves got full, I had to recycle the rest of my boxes. It was a sad day.


My brother the insurance salesman would like to have a discussion with you about fire insurance… :slight_smile: