Dat engraving tho...(game of thrones deck case)

I had a custom deck case request. I am super impressed with the new manual engrave settings.

This was at one of the lowest clumsy lpi settings, I think around 250?
Baltic birch ply



VERY nice.
I’ve been trying to figure out how I can engrave the entire map on one piece and still be able to read things. Maybe it can’t be done. Separating The North from The South might be the way to go…


It should be doable. The images here are on a single sheet. If there was a graphic file for the whole thing, it could be accomplished by rotation and having it cover as much of the bed as possible.


Just gorgeous! I love the drop shadowy thing going on on the edges of the land masses.


You could always go through the whole map and replace all the text with a sharper/clearer font. I expect the text is blurry more due to the image quality than the forge being unable to do it clearly.

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With the images I was given for the split north and south, they appear to be clear enough to see every text on them. Which could probably be made better with a higher lpi and sharpening of the image beforehand


It occurs to me that my camera phone may be inducing some blurriness too, for the text not in focus, away from dead center


Thanks. It’s not that. I’ve been working with a vector image. The issue is simply the size of the text when trying to see the entire world within the limitations of the size of the Glowforge bed. (Not a knock on the Glowforge, mind you… Just that the world’s a rather large place.)

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I adore maps and this is very cool!
I’ve downloaded dozens of JPG maps from the late 1800s/early 1900s. This one took a lot of adjusting to get rid of the yellowing and sharpen it up etc., but I was pretty impressed with how well the tiny details showed up. Gives me hope for all the the others I have been working on.


NICE job. That looks amazing.


Awesome detail. We have a cartographer in the house! :world_map: