Data sheet

Hey glowforgers! I am in need of some sort of data sheet that will help me get the best out of the machine and different thickness materials. I am from the uk so getting proof grade will brake my bank! I have has some challenges that i am unable to learn from as sometimes the outcome changes

so for example what power and speed on manual for 3mm acrylic and it it always 0.125 inch…can you set it to mm?

if anyone can help…you are an angel!!!

thank you

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Medium proofgrade lists .125, but it should work fine on 3mm - I used it on .110 acrylic last night (2.7mm) and it worked like a charm!

For other materials, start here:

Remember that these are guidelines and that each machine/material may have variations, but …

You can set to mm via the settings gear at the top of the GFUI :slight_smile:


I’m just going to shift this to the Beyond the Manual section so people can answer freely. If you do a search for a particular material and the word “settings” in the Beyond the Manual section, you should be able to compile anything missing. :slightly_smiling_face:


Also, there’s a setting in the UI for changing from inches to mm. I think it’s under the little gear-icon menu.