Day 2 email!


I just got my email! I ordered my “Basic” around 12pm Noon on Day 2 for those keeping track at home. I know we have all been waiting for orders from Day 2 or later for a while now. (I know I check these forums on a daily basis) Hopefully this means that the production line is starting to ramp up, since I ordered half way through Day 2, but I hope we will know more with the August update. I know it feels like it’s been taking forever! Especially with all the cool stuff that people have been posting.

I hope this helps with some anxiety that others may be feeling, although I know it might not considering how long it took to get to day 2. I thought I would share anyways though!


Congratulations! :grinning::confetti_ball::boom::dizzy::tada:


YAY!!! So happy for you. You’re gonna love it!!!


Congratulations. That was a surprise. There are still 26 outstanding day one entries on the tracking sheet.


You’re assuming that all 26 of those people are here regularly & have the spreadsheet on their mind.


I’m hoping they just haven’t had time to update it. I would hate to have recieved the email before others who pre-ordered before me, but I can’t say I would give mine up either :confused: Maybe they are Pro’s? I ordered just a basic without an air filter.


and why wouldn’t they :slight_smile:


The air filter is probably the key but if not who cares! You finally got it.


Congratulations! So glad you will soon have yours!


Who isn’t here hourly and refreshing their browser?!?!



Yay!!! :tada::tada:


Nice! Congrats! :smiley:


Good news! Hope it arrives safely so you can get started!


Been making things with a Pre-Release unit and selling in local shops. Thinking getting money for my projects officially makes me a Pro who is temporarily using a Basic.