Day 2 project: first attempt at an edge lit acrylic

One of the projects I’ve been waiting to do with my forge was an edge lit acrylic of our “mascot” for my day job. A few years back when our development team was asked to provide feedback on our systems, we received an interesting comment back:

“The engineering tools and processes evolve but sometimes what comes out is a giant duck-billed platypus when you thought you needed a cheetah. Sure, you can ride that platypus, but it’s going to be hard to bring down a deer with it.”

We took the feedback in stride and wound up creating a “mascot” of sorts based on it, a ninja riding a platypus.

Our team also goes through an on-call rotation, so I figured that I would make my first edge-lit acrylic for the primary on-call engineer and use our mascot on it as well. We’ll have the piece glowing red when we have a major incident or green when everything is going well. Already showed it to the boss and he loves it! I’ll probably do another one with a different font for the top & bottom, something more consistent with the center art piece.


Cool! :smile:


Great design. :sunglasses:


Nice! Love the use of color to designate the state of ‘Defcon’. :sunglasses:


Heh heh—awesome use of the color capability of the lamp!

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The edge-lit acrylic does make for a very cool project … yours is great!

This proves how the acrylic can be bigger than the light source and still glow nicely.

rpratt, I was a bit worried about that as well but it turned out pretty good. Kind of curious exactly how wide out you can make it and still have it work. I might have to sacrifice a large acrylic sheet in the near future to find out!

Clever idea. My fingers are crossed that it stays green!