Day 2 stuck on centering still

My GF is stuck on centering. I know a lot have had the same problem. This is day 2. I have done everything that has been suggested. Turning it off, cleaning lens, shutting down the internet repositioning the head. I need help. This is so frustrating. I have sent an email but its the weekend. Please Please Please

Its the servers, its been off and on this weekend. Last night I was good but slow. Today I am now stuck on Centering/Homing.

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Why is it that some people are up and running when others stuck

Same here, stuck on centering. Frustrating, as I’m sure we’ve all got work to do!

I’m so sorry about the trouble. Since you’ve emailed us, I’ve followed up with you there, but in this case, the most likely problem is a hardware failure. Since we’ll need some personal information in order to send a replacement part, I’m going to close the thread here and we can continue in email.

We try to keep threads in problem and support to a single person per thread, but I wanted to let you know that we haven’t seen anything to indicate a widespread service issue. If you’re encountering problems, please email or open a new thread in problems and support and the team will be along to help.