Dead Glowforge Basic, no automated email after using the 'Contact Us' form

Heyo. I’m posting here to hopefully get a quicker response, as I didn’t even receive the usual automated email after using the contact form. I’ve checked every folder in my email, including spam, and there’s nothing there.

I loaded up my material last night and flipped the power switch on my Glowforge Basic. Everything powered up just fine. I walked back to my office to start setting up the cut in the app. When I was finished, I saw that the app was saying that my Glowforge was ‘Offline’. I went to see what was up and the power was off. I was thinking maybe I just imagined turning it on, but I checked and the power switch was still in the ‘On’ position.

I tried new cords, different outlets that all tested fine with other electronics, and I tried letting it sit overnight because someone mentioned in one of these topics that maybe the capacitors had to reset. Nothing. Still completely dead. I had last used it Thursday night for maybe an hour max.

Any help or solutions from staff would greatly be appreciated.

Sounds like the power supply has died. Might as well get your shipping box and orange bits ready… :cry:

That’s what I’m assuming. I’ve had it just under a year (10 more days would make it exactly a year since I placed my order) and I barely use it more than a couple times a week on average, so it’s kind of strange that the power supply would give out so soon, but it is what it is. I’ll be happy to get the shipping box out of my garage for a week or two, at least.

I really wish the power supply was something that could be replaced at the consumer level, rather than having to send it in for repairs or get a replacement. It seems like this is pretty common from digging around the forum.

Well, as of 20 minutes ago I received the new offer to be sent a refurbished Glowforge for the estimated cost of the repair via email. I guess that the problem has been resolved.


That’s good news, I’d think!


Glad it’s resolved. Just of curiosity, would you mind sharing what they thought the cost of the repair would be and if they said what they thought needed repairing? Detailed repair info has been quite a mystery.


Hello @bobrosland, I see you also emailed us about this issue and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.