Dead internal fan

My exhaust fan died, it made lots of noise, now just spins freely.
I have temporarily placed an external fan and it works almost as well.
However, I want to know if the filter unit has a fan, and could that effectively replace the dead internal fan.

Of course, I plan on getting the dead one fixed, but I have production schedules to meet.


Posting here opens a support ticket. Support can only advise that you send the machine in for repair.

Many owners have switched to external fans in the ducting, some have also removed the dead exhaust fan. Depending on whether you’re under warranty, one of those options might be suitable.

It spins freely working or not. If you have an option to send it out a window I would suggest using it. The filter has its own fan and you actually have to turn the machine fan off to use the filter.

I have a Vivosun that is 190 CFM and almost enough unless cutting smoky wood. Anything more might not need the internal fan.

Be sure and check that you have not turned off the fan in the GFUI.

Silly question, but I speak from experience… Is there a chance you have accidentally hit the “Glowforge Filter Attached” button?


I’m sorry to hear that your unit’s fan isn’t working as expected. I see you’ve already emailed us about this, and we’ve sent you some next steps there, so I’m going to close this thread.