Debossing leather with a scrapwood press

Love all the ways the glowforge lets me do more things. Being able to make 100% custom debossing stamps for leather is awesome. I have a close friend who is a Comanche and had asked me for a wallet with the symbol engraved. The wallet ended up being so dark I wanted to make the symbol really stand out.

I threw this together in a couple of hours from scrap wood. To help me really set the deboss.

The stamp

First cuts I just winged it on the height… turned out rather perfect.
Processing: Photo Dec 21, 6 24 25 PM.jpg…

Instead of sanding / planing once I had the first cuts I screwed the two pieces together then made a really thin slice on each side - perfectly flat.

The basic frame up

Aligning the plunge clamp

used some shims and a level to make sure it was going to hit as flat as possible

Finally in action!

Final product (not the best pic)

All in all its not bad; soft woods for part of the frame. That’s good because you can really drive it down, but I added a lot of screws to the sides. It’s all made of scrap except the toggle so I can use it till it breaks then whip another one out - I am sure there are many improvements to be made, but i had fun.


ImPRESSive results, nicely done.


This looks really good. I’m sure your friend will be very impressed. Love the homemade press!


Great work! I hope your friend loves it. Love the ingenuity of using the Glowforge and making tools to take your creativity further!

I was trying to glue up some little match box style boxes and thought “I wish I had something to clamp this better.” Regular clothespins sort of worked but then I saw a right-angle clothespin someone 3D printed, drew up one in illustrator, a few tries cutting it out and inserting the spring from a regular clothespin and voila! Just the tool for the job.


Thank you!

Thank you - awesome idea making your own tools is the best feeling of accomplishment!

Isn’t it fun to make a custom tool that does just what you want? Thanks for sharing your ingenious clamp.


I can’t take credit for thinking it up - saw one like it somewhere else; another forum, magazine can’t remember where exactly.

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Even so, you made it happen. And then you showed us how to do it. :hugs:

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Nice job making such a wonderful creation for your friend. I’m sure he will be very touched.


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