Dec 2016 Glowforge Q&A


I know you want an official answer from Dan. But to clarify the question. There is zero chance that the detailed design is not complete. The team knows how each function currently planned for initial release in H/W and S/W is to be implemented. No engineering team since the 1980s has sat around brainstorming capabilities one at a time. It never works for a complex system. Implementation is a different thing. It appears to me that the H/W is in it’s final stages (testing) and that the S/W is a mix of development and testing, depending on which capabilities we are talking about. I guess the answer depends on whether you were really asking about the design or were you asking about the implementation of the completed designs.


Not to be rude - but what is the point of your reply to my post? While you can’t “clarify my question” - you can take a crack at an unofficial answer. But I’m a smart guy - and I don’t need someone else to tell me what common sense might dictate. By design I do in fact mean the implementation of the design - which is in fact also a design. And I was clear in this when I asked is there a finished unit that someone can point to and say “that one - we need more of that one”. There is nothing wrong with supposition and support but I asked several direct questions which I accept you don’t know the answer to and will eventually get answered.


Wow. Just trying to be helpful.


I appreciate that! But in terms of clarity what am I supposed to find helpful?


Was trying to clarify what question you were asking. Most non-engineers haven’t a clue as to the difference between Design and Development or Implementation. You said Design and how to implement. That means, to all engineers and S/W folks, the Design phase. Your question seemed like it might meant Development so thought I would ask.


Your language has been pretty condescending so I apologize if I don’t find your replies endearing. What about my post made you wonder what I was asking? I didn’t phrase the question to your liking? Most of your reply to me was you telling me - not asking me. Still has been. What wasn’t I clear about? As a teacher I find this type of discourse offensive. Don’t hijack my question by being condescending. Did you really not understand my question or where you just posturing for the rest of the forum? I asked a question to Dan because this is where I am supposed to. You clearly don’t like what I said - then come out and say it - but don’t be offended when I call BS on uninvited condescension. And if I’m wrong - then perhaps you should practice being a little nicer to people you just met even if it’s just on a forum.


He didn’t say that, from what I can recall…Were you talking about the Pre-Release letter? (Those are going out in December, but they are a smaller subset of the whole, and have nothing to do with ramping up the Production, which is currently underway.)

I would have to go back and read it again to make sure, but as I recall the Thanksgiving Press Release only mentioned that a schedule update would be given in December, after the Pre-Release units went out.

I’m afraid you might have misunderstood something you saw in a letter somewhere. If you want to know what the status and currently scheduled plans are for getting the units out, Dan discussed it in depth in the Q&A session that he just did.


Now that’s a helpful clarification :slight_smile: seriously


I find that many people read posts based on their emotional state. ( Edit: took out part of my answer because it’s not relevant) I do not intentionally try to be sarcastic, arrogant or make anyone feel bad. And if I come across that way it is completely unintentional. That is only an apology in that you misunderstood my meaning.

Now that said. Dan has asked the Regulars to provide answers and guide the rest of the forum where possible. My particular expertise is in Design, Development and Testing of complex systems. I could not assume that you were asking the question Dan would answer. There are approximately 64,300 posts in the forum of which many Regulars have read all of them. Thousands from Dan. They have information that you might want.


Hi, @jaredx2! :grin: I’m a person that hasn’t entirely figured out online communication yet. One thing that I am learning is that things like emoticons can help to set the tone of communications. I’ll tell you that your tone, absent of facial expression, body language, other face-to-face ques, does not come off as trying to “practice being a little nicer.” I’m not sure if it was supposed to, though.


It wasn’t :slight_smile: I had someone TELL me what I was asking and correcting me for no other reason than - to be helpful. And then seem shocked that I was offended. While I appreciate @rpegg explaining that he is autistic and that his post was meant to be factual and not condescending - it was in fact condescending. No one likes their message diluted or hijacked and if he knows he might come off as brusque then I would assume as a forum regular he might not be shocked when someone calls him out. I didn’t post for a critique of my post and I didn’t get any of my question answered. I got chastised. Welcome to the forum… :slight_smile: I’m not angry - but I am disappointed and feel that his posts were suppressing my attempts to communicate. I found @jules response very helpful even though it might have pointed out a mistake I might have made!


I think if you hang out in the forums more you will understand @rpegg’s style better. I’ve read many (and many) of his posts and if you do you will find that in spite of his “emotionless” delivery he has a sly sense of humor, and is in no way condescending. It’s easy to interpret things that way when you can’t see a person face to face; I try to give the benefit of the doubt.


You can read anything into text on a screen. It all depends on how your mindset is when you read thru it. He is one of the nicest guys on here so trust me when I tell you he wasn’t being condescending.


Oy - I get he has a style but telling me that someone who corrects my questions for me by telling me my vocabulary is incorrect while I am asking a question - saying this isn’t condescending isn’t cool. Saying I should read the forums more so I can understand the personality of the person who is correcting me is hardly welcoming. But I’m not here to be made welcome I just wanted to asked @Dan a question and not start a flame way but I didn’t come here to be abused either.


Fine - I get it.


He’s dry…but he don’t lie. :wink:

(And that was me just inserting a little humor into the situation…misunderstandings happen all the time.)

He’s been around since the beginning and has helped many people here, myself included. As long as it gets you the answers you needed, it’s all good.


Yeah but it didn’t help - it supressed. Take that as you will. I didn’t ask a question he could answer so he critiqued my questions. That’s not dry it’s not helpful and yeah it’s rude. Your reply was helpful. And the fact the no one is even considering what I said is sad - I’m glad he is well liked and I am glad he is helpful but I really don’t want to be here anymore.


Thanks. I’m aware that I have poor communication skills. I’ve looked over and over my post and though the wording could have a better flow I don’t understand the condescending trigger in the original or subsequent posts. But it’s good that people are able to communicate intent and though it may not be helpful between our conversation, it probably serves him better with others. Certainly wasn’t trying to get him not to ask the question, just thought it was unclear. But none of that really matters. The question is now clear.


I missed this but will watch the video soon! Thanks for creating it. The only question I have, and I’d like answered from @dan is, will I lose my money if I hang on for this ride and wait for my glowforge?? There is an inherent risk with crowdfunding something obviously, and my networks around me are all saying GET OUT NOW… they see it at risk of collapse from production delays and introducing higher-functions…
I want to believe that this is not the case, and that come mid year, my glowforge is winging its way to me… but I also don’t wanna be $5k in the hole if this turns to custard at that time… it’s a huge financial risk, and we could really use that money. BUT I could also REALLY use that glowforge…
Someone help me keep the faith… I really don’t want to cancel this dream. But I also don’t want to be crying AGAIN in 8months, like I have done the past two time this has been delayed! I am pinning alot on this, so each delay really hurts my business plans… thanks in advance! :wink:


As far as collapsing, not an issue in my mind. They’re not spending our pre-order money at all to run things right now. That is all from investors. And the information about investors is available from non-Glowforge sources, so it’s as real as I can figure. Watch the video! There’s some exciting stuff!