Deck Box for sleeved cards - glueless

Here’s another example. And a tip… Next time I’m using frosted acrylic, I’m putting the frosted side on the inside of the box - it will help the cards slide out better.


Mixing material types…love it.

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Go Green!

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The great part is that the spartan symbol was my three-year old’s idea :slight_smile:


This is fantastic! Thank you! I am making some of these to donate to the Pokemon League that we run at the library!

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Nice! Thanks for sharing!

Its a dead link

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Fixed! Thanks for letting me know. I made sure my Design Downloads page was still working, too.

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Thanks for the share cant wait to make one! Also just curious what the material is that the box is resting on?? And the clear one behind the box?

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Hi! I make which is a place to play a few board games online. The boards in the picture are for a strategy game called Blooms, which you can play on my site and see more pictures of those boards at Blooms Strategy Game - I’ve also shared my designs for them if you’re interested in making a set - download (just look for “Blooms”)

Let me know if you have any questions about any of that :slight_smile:

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Wow thank you so much! Going to check it out, love learning new games

AHHHHHH!! THIS IS SO GREAT!! Thank you for the pattern!!! I copy and pasted some logos on there. (don’t intend to sell this, but give it as a gift.) I made it with Proofgrade Cherry hardwood. Thank you again!


Great box, but I got an error when trying to download the file. :frowning_face:

Download works fine - try a different browser.

This is what I am seeing when using Chrome Screen Shot 2020-10-07 at 4.19.30 PM . Any recommendations?

Some kind of security settings in your browser blocking it. I had no issue with Chrome (and I have mine locked down pretty tight.)

As I said, try a different browser.

Used Safari and it worked. Now I have to figure out why Chrome has a stranglehold on my downloads! Thanks.


My school has the download links blocked