Deck camera not focused

So I turned on my machine with some proofgrade fluorescent blue medium acrylic, and the bed image is all blurry.

It also gave me a warning that the proofgrade material was not detected.

I tried refreshing the bed image, cleaning the lens of the decklid camera, restarting the machine. Nothing changed the blurry image. So then I just decided to print and it seems fine so far. The acrylic is on the standard crumb tray and the machine worked fine the last time I used it, which was about a week ago. Any suggestions?


@astevens: Same thing just happened to me this morning with PG walnut plywood. Wiped off the camera lens and tried again. The PG QR code still looked very blurry to me but the GF did detect the media this time.

One wonders if there was a recent “improvement” to the camera’s firmware that is causing this? :sunglasses:

Often a dirty lens, but the camera focus is often at the limits of label recognition in that corner. It’s machine dependent. You could start a post in Problems and Support. Mine recognizes the material most of the time. Assume you know that material type is selectable via the drop down/search menu at the top left?

This is NOT what I remember. NEVER failed to detect PG material until this morning.

There is a some others experiencing the same issue and the staff is working on them.

Also i moved to problems and support so the staff will be notified and read


Moving into #problems-and-support won’t create a ticket/notification with the way the system is set up. They might see it, might not.


Was being helpful since this topic is heavily moderated by staff and regulars and the title shows it’s for problems and support. I would surmise it has a better chance of being read by the staff.

I understand. Making the statement just to let you know for in the future. As I said, there is a chance they may run across it, but just moving it into that section of the forum doesn’t create a Support ticket like creating a post there does.

I know it does not create ticket…

I’m having the same issues with my newly delivered warranty exchange. I don’t remember my previous one doing that before last week.

If it’s the camera that would mean they are all bad and a major issue with replacing them all. If the camera is operated by software it could be the focal point is wrong and needs to be corrected but if the focal point is different between machines then that’s a whole new issue.

Personally, it just as easy to select the material myself…

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I’ve been keeping an eye on this issue and I haven’t seen a case where “staff is working on them.” Can you tell me which thread they’re working with?


Having the same issue here. It stopped recognizing the PG sticker and I am having to move the images about an inch or so below where I want them to print.

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Mine prints where i want them too just a little fuzzy…

Pip from the support staff responded to my post on this said that they are working on it. Must be a firmware issue, if it is affecting a lot of us.


Thanks! Funny part is, I DID see that earlier and just completely forgot about it! :slight_smile:

Thanks to @astevens and all the others who let me know about this. I’m so sorry for the inconvenience.

We are seeing this, too, and we are looking into it.

I’ll update this thread as soon as I have more information for you.


We found an issue that prevented Proofgrade material from being detected in a small percentage of cases. We’ve resolved it, so you shouldn’t see this problem again. If you’re still encountering instances where your Proofgrade material is not being recognized, please open a new thread and we’ll check it out.

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