Decorative Alphabet Letter set

Hello Everyone! I downloaded the Decorative Alphabet Letter set, however it appears as if I must cut all 26 letters and 10 numbers each time I use the file. I do not have the option of uploading the file to Inkscape. If I delete the letters that I do not need on one project and then need them for another project I must redownload the file. I do not have an issue with downloading the file multiple times but I will have a problem if the file is no longer available for me to download in it’s entirety. Please help, what I am I doing wrong or overlooking?

If you move the letters off of the printable area of the artboard, they will not process. Then you can drag the one that you want onto the print area.

Zoom out using the Zoom tool at the top, then CTRL+A to select everything. Move it off the board, past the margins. Then just select and drag the one you want onto the bed.

The items that are off the board will not be deleted, but you’ll need to zoom back out to see them, so try to remember that they’re out there. :smile:


Also, if you go to the “…” and then “Design Details” you should see a way to reset the design. I’ve needed that more than once…


Thank you both. :heart:

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Blew my mind when I learned this.

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