Deer Skull Leather Necklace

Made my first original idea and wanted to give back to the community that got me started!

On this first pass I just used the default settings for Medium Natural Leather on the sample of proofgrade I received. Did not think through the final result so the etched tips crumbled while I was removing the mask. Next time I not only want to use a thicker leather for durability but also less power to the etch. I also really loved the burn marks left and will likely remove the mask before creating v2. But that is of course a matter of personal preference.

I was inspired to create a smaller scale version of tattoo I’ll be getting in the future and wanted something super wearable and comfortable given its size which is why I picked leather. I also didn’t want a chain or cord running between the antlers. Since this piece already came out a bit too thin and charred I only glued a chain to the middle of each antler. In the future I’ll have to do something nicer. Overall, it feels like a success!

Honestly, the file is still a bit messy but my focus is shot after knocking this out in one night from conception to prototype. I will likely get back to it at some point after I experiment more with materials. Either way the file loads a cut for the outline (good to go), a full etched image (also good), and two random speckles I can’t for the life of me get rid of (yet). I just opted to ignore that slice and everything else went smoothly.

deer skull

I don’t want this to be used commercially but I am excited to see who would be interested in making one for themselves/loved ones and how they do so!


Thank you for sharing.


It’s probably worth mentioning now and then that ALL designs in this section are for personal use only, as specified in the pinned post at the top, unless the author specifically says otherwise. :slight_smile:

Also, nice work, thanks for sharing!!


Thanks for the share! Well executed. Welcome!!


That’s a relief! I saw a few others still include a similar kind of snippet and wanted to play it safe. Excited to share more in the future and will keep that in mind :sweat_smile:


Welcome and thanks for the share!


@victoriarain welcome to the community.
Practice makes perfect, but in my opinion, you are off to a great start.
Sometimes we are our harshest judge.
Thanks for the share!


Welcome to the forum @victoriarain . Your experience with a new design is similar to that of many of us here. Jumping in with both feet and trying something is the best way to learn. Thank you for sharing both your design and your journey, looking forward to more of your creations.


are you selling them, for say, a buck a piece?




The thought has crossed my mind :laughing: but I have a long way to go before I would be ready to do so!


Welcome to the forum!
That turned out good. Thanks for the share.


Thank you for sharing!


Welcome! This turned out really great. One thing I love is that things often look perfect to other people even if we ourselves would make changes next time we did it. This has loads of character and I’m sure your tattoo will be just as wonderful.


I am my own worst critic. Call it OCD. At some point you have to realize it’s more than good enough! :rofl:


Is this your own original skull art?

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The necklace is! I couldn’t find anything on the market in the material I wanted or with this asymmetrical perspective so I started with a reference photo and used Inkscape to create the etch and cut layers.


So very cool! Thank you for sharing with us… Welcome :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for sharing! am I the only one that is clueless on how to save it to try and make it lol

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In theory, just right click on the image and save as!


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