Defocused engraves are like dot-matrix draft mode

I haven’t had much time for the GF (or anything else) lately, but a couple mornings ago I did manage to get to the place where Bill currently lives and try some defocused stuff.

First the bad news, not even worth a picture. Defocused score on tile: not terribly useful. Makes a sort of valley in the glaze that doesn’t really hold ink.

Good news: defocused engrave on BB can save oodles of time with a drop in quality that may or may not be visible.

Those squares are (L-R): 10 lpi surface focus, 35 lpi focused at (I think) 0.300 and 0.500, and 75 lpi at 0.500. I forget the powers, but can look back. The text is 225 lpi focused, and 75 and 35 lpi at 0.500.

Close up the 75 doesn’t look great (might improve with a score around the edges), but from signage distance it’s fine. And for testing it’s a third the time. 35 is totally my old Okidata.

I’m also working on using 75 and maybe 35 defocused for zapping mylar to make crude silkscreen/stencil sheets: convert to dots and 65% max density almost works. Not appropriate for everything, but way easy for the things it does work for.

All that resolution dan&company built in, and I’m throwing it away :wink:


Not a bad effect for such a boost in time savings…good to know! :sunglasses::+1:

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Intriguing! Keep us posted.

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wow great idea!

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