Degreaser Question

Does it matter which of these products I use? The green can is just a degreaser, the yellow can is a cleaner/degreaser.



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I guess it depends on what you are using it for? Cleaning your :glowforge: ?

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The fan…

I have the one in the green can. (Electronic Degreaser.)

Never used it though, I’ve always manually cleaned the blades. Takes longer. :slightly_smiling_face:

I have been looking for this Degreaser (3M Novec Electronic Degreaser) everywhere and is either out of stock or only available in bulk $150 +. Does anyone know of another product that has the same properties and is safe to use for the glowforge?

I have consulted the Glowforge support and they don’t have any other recommendations. I’ve been manually cleaning the fan with tetragun nylon swabs. They have no lint and are long and sturdy swabs to maneuver around the fan.

I feel like this alone is not enough. Especially since I can only operate the Glowforge basic for only 2 hours continuously. Then it will stop lasering but mimic the activity as if the laser was still shooting out.

I know the Plus and Pro have capabilities to run longer. But I cannot purchase either one of those at the moment. And I am not certain if I will purchase another Glowforge when I am able to. I guess I’m just feeling a bit frustrated and disenchanted.

Thank you for any suggestions you may have.

This behavior would merit a support ticket, if you haven’t done so. If the machine is getting too hot and has to cool down, it should behave just like you’ve pushed the button to pause the job. It should not continue going through the motions without shooting a beam.

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I just ordered it from here:

Thank you so much. I just purchased it from this website. I appreciate you giving me this tip.

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An update, if anyone is looking to purchase from this website, there is currently a 1-2 week wait for stock. I purchased and am anxiously awaiting the shipment.

I ordered mine on July 25th (well over a month) and I’m still waiting.

I finally got frustrated and searched elsewhere. I ordered a brand new can on eBay. I waited until it arrived and then cancelled my order with skygeek. They refunded me after a couple days.

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