Delay and stopp when calibrating and at start of a job

Hello there,

since two days I encounter two problems, which I think could have the same reason.

Starting the machine and calibrating
Turn on. The fan is doing stuff, some clicks and wirrs and the head starts moving to the machines center, calibrating. The head moves back to the starting position. Done.
Turn on. Nothing happens.
Turn off. Turn on a second time. After a little while, the head starts moving (sometimes…).

Starting a job
Click on print. The head moves to the place where the magic shall happen. The little red dot appears on the board. The head moves back to the starting position. I can see the printing time and press the glowing button to start the job.
Click on print. After a long while, the head moves to the place. After a looong while, the red dot appers. After a while the head moves back to the starting position. The window (normally showing the printing time) loads and loads and finally stops the job.
Reloading the webiste and/or recalibrating the machine can solve that problem for the moment.

Did anyone of you encountered the described problems?
Can someone help me, getting the Glowforge back on track? :slight_smile:

Thank you very much!

I want to add another thing that just accured:

I did a 20min job of engraving an hour ago.
It is like 18 to 19°C in the room.
I just wanted to start another job of engraving and the Glowforge app is showing “cooling down” which definitely shouldn’t be there right now.
It’s showing “Focusing the head of your glowforge.” as well, but the head isn’t moving at all.

Something is off…


The job was done 10minutens ago and the timer in the app/website was still counting down.
So, the software was thinking, the glowforge would still be running - which it obviously was not.

By now, I’m thinking the problem is a software one. :thinking:

It seems that way, but I’ll also suggest a wifi network problem. Unfortunately there’s no easy way to diagnose that, other than moving the machine to change the signal strength.

Support can see the logs and tell if it’s network related.


Thanks for the hint
I’ll try and restart the wifi router

I have had a good bit of wifi problems, likely due to sharing Wifi with another house. Things that help me:

  1. Restart the GF
  2. Restart my wifi extender (I don’t have access to the actual router, just the Netgear Orbi Mesh ‘extender’)
  3. Reconnect my GF to wifi by holding down the button for ten seconds until it turns teal and going through the start-up process.

I have also realized my Apple TV, which is right next to my GF interferes. I now make sure it is turned off when I use my GF. I tried going in and setting the ?DNS? of all my devices but that didn’t seem to help this issue.

Sometimes moving the Wifi closer helps, sometimes further away from your GF.


Troubleshooting I did so far (with no results…):

  • Restart PC. Restart Glowforge. Restart WiFi Router
  • Position the Router nearer to the glowforge
  • Reconnect the Glowforge to the WiFi (push button 10 seconds, then setup)
  • Cleaning the machine, including camera and fans

I’m out of options and ideas at this point :confused:

I didn’t change a thing on PC, Glowforge and WiFi in the last one to two years.
Neither on the software side nor hardware-wise or place in my flat.
The problems started on tuesday, if I remeber correctly.

I did a speed test from my laptop (with WiFi) which was okay-ish

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.

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