Delayed shipment

I received a email that my order would be delayed and that they could not provide me a answer as to when I would receive it. Is this normal business practices for GF? And when can I expect to receive my order? I’m slightly concerned that I’ll be making payments for a machine I don’t physically have in my possession and no know delivery date.


All I can offer is to be patient. On the pre-order I paid in full and waited two years, and I couldn’t be happier with my investment.
The production company (Flex, who builds for glowforge and many other companies) tools for a production run of a specific machine - which is why some who ordered later get their machines before some who ordered earlier. It all depends on the current production run and parts inventory.

BTW, welcome to the community!

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I don’t know what to tell you, but I received the same email and so did a good 10+ other people (for sure) in a fb group I’m in. My original ETA was 2/5. I don’t have any answers to those questions either

Deadlines and shipping information are moving targets for this enterprise. Seems like a lot of folks who ordered early December got delayed in their shipments. There isn’t a whole lot of info or none at all as to why and when. As @PrintToLaser said, their manufacturing entity has to get supply and demand right with production. Doesn’t seem that there is a big inventory to rely on. They do make it right and it is a great machine.

I am wondering when the trade issues and the virus will start affecting things like this. No telling.


I hadn’t even considered that…The impact is global.

…but then again, the regular flu kills thousands every year. Ignorance and fear is a big factor. Perspective.


while that’s true, that’s more of a scale issue. if you look at counting numbers, the flu is more deadly. but the number of people who get the flu is significantly higher than the people who get the corona virus. and the percentage of people who die from the corona virus vs getting it is significantly higher.

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Agreed. Iv’e personally never heard of millions being quarantined.
Our challenge is that a pathogen evolves so much faster than our immune systems do, always a game of catch-up.

Yeah… the media doesn’t help.

So far over 1500 deaths in the US alone from influenza this season (since Oct 2019)…


thing is, most likely any/everyone who died from the flu would also likely die from corona virus. people who tend to die from these types of outbreaks generally (broad brush) fit into risk categories to begin with.

We are very sorry about the delay This isn’t how we wanted your first experience with Glowforge to go, and we are working hard to get your Glowforge to you as soon as possible.

We’ve seen the email you sent us, and followed up with additional information there, so I’m going to close this thread.