Delayed Shipping. Shipping fees unchanged?

Hi Dan. Posting publicly instead of asking privately.
With the new delays. will there be shipping fees amendments? Also, with this much time, has a more cheaper shipping alternative been discovered?
That aside, how is the shipping fee being handled? For example, amazon ships without additional customs charges etc. Is the GF still going to have charges from the Customs?

There’s a specific thread for questions that Dan will be answering in a Q&A today; you’re probably better off asking in there.

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There aren’t any changes to our shipping plans.

Sorry, but I can’t find the thread you mention.

I don’t know what country you are from but I did a bit more research on mine (UK). Dan has said before they are not staffed to make specific shipping arrangement per customer or country so it won’t get freighted over here and then shipped out locally, nor will they be adding the VAT+import tax charges on for us in advance(like amazon) and therefore customs will chage you direct, the new bit of info I found for the UK is that this process can take upto 4 weeks from when your unit arrives in customs(I do not know if there is an extra handling fee).

Due to the delay unfortunately I miss a 6+ week periord where I have no work so could be using GF, because of this I am on the edge on if I will be keeping my order and my about 50th position in line. I would love to have it but after customs it is a £2000+ total cost to me and that would go very well towards my wedding.


Doesn’t matter, because the Q and A is over, but it was here: