Delete an artwork step

How do i delete an artwork step from the screen? There is an add artwork button. I can ignore the artwork, but how do i delete or remove the step? Sorry, I’m a new user.

The only way to delete a step, other than ignoring it, is to delete the artwork it refers to. That piece of art will change color as you mouse over the step. Do make sure you have a backup copy though.


Hi, just to clarify the “how”–you left click when you have the “arrow” on the artwork, and a box appears around it, as it does if you want to rotate or move it. Then just click the delete button on your keyboard.

Some images end up being broken up in the GFUI, and sometimes individual elements can be selected. Fortunately we can use the undo button if moved or deleted something by mistake.

You can also pick a group of items, since you can drag the mouse (left click & hold from one corner and release when you reach other other, e.g. the entire crumb tray area) and it will select all items in that area.

This only changes what the GF sees for etching/cutting, and not the original file that you had uploaded, so if you want to permanently delete a feature on something, it’s best to edit the artwork file.


Thanks for the answers, @bansai8creations and @cynd11, that’s right. I’m going to close this thread - if you have another question, go ahead and post a new topic.