Deleted Catalog Item -Now Missing

I enjoy improvements as much as the next guy, but this auto-save feature has done me in a couple of times. I guess I’m not used to it yet :crazy_face: Anyway, I just purchased a new design out of the catalog and wanted to add something to the back of the design once it was finished. I deleted the design so it wouldn’t be in the way, but this has resulted in me not being able to get it back. When I hit the reset button it just gives me what I uploaded later into it, rather than the original catalog item. I tried CTRL+Z to get back to where it was but no luck.

I had really hoped to print a few more of these designs tonight, as I purchased the lifetime option, but I guess I’ll wait until the team can help me out. I wish there were a way to turn the auto save off and on on certain designs, like a little save icon in the UI we could push. That would be really helpful, because I tend to delete and change my desings and tweak them a lot between starting and finishing, they tend to not be what I want to start with the next time I go into them, and with having to reupload the same design to start over can be inconvenient at times. Not to say I don’t see the utility of having this option, though, which is why I suggested having a way to select which designs would be considered “finished”.

Anyway, I’ll await a reply like a good little boy :slightly_smiling_face:


BTW, which reset button are you pushing?

I wasn’t aware that there was any other reset button outside of the one located in the “…” menu? If you come along and tell me about another one that will solve all my problems I will have to send you a million internet high fives! :point_up_2:t5::five:


I tripped over that initially, but because of that consternation I quickly modified my MO. I’m loving the new save feature, after dialing in the settings it’s great not to have to dig through my notes to find and re-enter all of it.

I see you operate a drone. Is that like a personal machine or a weaponized version?
I almost broke down and bought a DJI Mavic pro yesterday.

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No, you’re right, that’s the only reset button I’m aware of. I was surprised that it can return you to some saved version. From the other major autosave bug (no reset for freebies), I’d guessed incorrectly that reset only knew how to go get a fresh copy from the catalog. It apparently doesn’t work that way since your result includes an older version of your file.

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Haha, I’ve not terrorized anyone in particular, so I wouldn’t say it’s weaponized - nothing like the Glowforge announcement video :sweat_smile: I try to stay up to date in the drone world, and saw that DJI just announced a Mavic Air which is smaller and nearly the same as the Mavic Pro, but cheaper. Highly recommend getting one if you have a beautiful landscape near you, enjoy taking trips, or if you want that perfect “selfie” without having to ask strangers to awkwardly take your photo for you.

@markwal Darn, that’s what I thought. It caught me by surprise as well. I’m not able to delete the design from my home page like I would be able to one of my own designs, either. I tried going into the catalog and having it give it to me there, but it just opens my UI as if I had opened it on my main page, resulting in the same missing design with my later added addition being the only thing I see.


I’ve been looking at those. The price is way down from my DJI from just a couple of years ago. But the flight time and camera resolution aren’t any better so I’ve held off getting a new one just because it’s new :slight_smile:

I do use mine for SAR though so what I’m really looking for is a FLIR camera add-on to make that easier. But good solutions there are more than I paid for the DJI and I’m not called out enough to justify it yet.

I hate being a responsible adult sometimes :stuck_out_tongue:

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Most of my Drone shots are over water or trees so the better camera and algorythm in the Phantom 4 is more important to me than the portability of the Mavic


I am in the exact same boat. I’ve been looking into getting the P4 because I currently use the P3P, but I just don’t need it right now. My 3 does everything I need it to, although I did lose it on the side of a mountain for 5 weeks, and if I had the better object detection of the 4 and up I may have avoided it haha. She still works wonderfully, though, and because of that story, it makes it very hard to part ways.


And here I am stuck with my P2+. I should have waited… SO many great features came out with the P3 and further.

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It’s not too late! I tell all of my friends that inquire, that the more the newer come out, the older ones become more obtainable! I enjoy the P3P because I tend to send mine out over the ocean a mile or so pretty consistently :sweat_smile: The radio signal is much better than the wifi signal of the other models, but if you don’t need to go out as far as me(:upside_down_face:) then the P3 4k is probably the best option, and they’re all selling for a decent price.

PS Just an update, GF took care of me and my catalog item has been reuploaded into my home page. The other design is still stuck there, though, because I’m unable to delete it.


Thanks for the feedback & enjoy the design!