Deleted Email Schedule

Anyone know why GlowForge is deleting their “Schedule Email Date Delivery” from account header information?

is this another delay to delay the pre-delay after the initial delay of the previous delay?



Just noticed mine disappeared too. Fascinating.

Oh that can’t be good. Well good luck with your muse.

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Well dangit. Mine is gone as well, and I was scheduled to receive my Golden Email today. sigh

I’m investigating this now


Thank you Rita

Ouch!! Same here. According to the header shipping info. Mine was supposed to ship on the 15th Oct. I was checking it on the 18th Oct. Then the ship date was gone. However, I did receive my pack of proof grade materials today. I would rather have the laser instead. Mine is a Pro Model…

Mine as well @rita

If you’ve already gotten the “Would you like your Glowforge?” email, there will no longer be an Estimated date for the Glowforge. But there should still be one for the Air Filter.

I see the latter is also gone from mine. I smell a scripting glitch.

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it back now, I have been refreshing my email all day waiting to see the email I suppose to be seeing to day

Issue has been fixed.

Gracias @Rita - Oysters and Coronas on me.

Thanks @Rita! Not only has it been fixed, but I had my email waiting for me when I got home. Whoop!


Its not fixed on mine?

If I understand what you have said here correctly:

  1. You received the email asking if it is OK to send you your Glowforge
  2. You said, “Yes,” and gave them your address.
  3. Today you received your package of proofgrade materials (which you would not have happened if 1&2 had not happened.

The Estimated Shipping Date displayed on your account page was the date they expected to send you the email in step 1 above.

Since you are now in the “shipping process” that expected date doesn’t mean anything any more because it’s already happened.

If you also have an air filter on order, there should still be an estimated date shown for that. I am in the same waiting state as you: I got my proofgrade about a week ago. I’m still waiting for my machine. I normally see the estimated date for the air filter. During this time earlier today, I was not seeing this air filter estimate. Now it’s been fixed for me. Do you have an Air Filter on order? Is it showing an estimated date?


They should replace “Estimated Shipping Notification Date” with “Estimated address confirmation email date”. It isn’t surprising most people think “Shipping Notification” is when the machine is dispatched as that is what it means in plain English. How can they expect people to know they mean something else?