Deleted Founders Ruler

So I made a Glowforge Founder Ruler and Good Measure Ruler last night. I was going to show my daughter how it works today so I clicked on a ruler from the Home page, she accidentally rotated it, so I hit delete, returned to the Home page to reselect the ruler and now it’s gone forever.

Is there a way to reset and place an object. I did the same with the Good Measure ruler… placed it, didn’t like, hit delete, went back to home, selected the object, and it’s gone with a ‘No Artwork’ message.

Is this a misunderstanding of how the user interface works or are the designs just deleted. If so, that doesn’t seem intuitive.

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When you click on the three dot button in the blue bar, you don’t have an option to reset your design with the predefined objects (Rulers)

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As of last week, there was a new feature rolled out called Autosave. It saves the last version that was opened automatically, along with placement and settings information.

Unfortunately, if you delete something out of a file and then save it, or go back to the dashboard, that part is gone.

For purchased Catalog items, you can reset the file. For your own items, you can reload your original.

But deleting everything in one of the “Freebies” items means it’s gone until someone in support decides to reload it for you or they put a reset button in all the Freebies as well.

It’s been mentioned in a couple of other recent tickets, so support does know about it.

Until they get that worked out, try to remember to just drag the item into the gray no-cut zone, or use CTRL+Z to undo your steps before going back to the dashboard, which triggers the auto-save. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m sorry you ran into trouble. I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.