Deleted welcome emails

Hello, I am a new to Glowforge. I was sent welcome emails for the Pro and Filter System. However, in my excitement I deleted them. Can anyone help me on this? Thanks, Michael

did you look in your trash folder on your emails?

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Great suggestion. I have overlooked it in the past. But this time I looked in the Spam, Recycle, Junk, and the Deleted file. I’m hoping someone will share the links that come in the initial emails so I can read the new owner :smiley:

Those would contain your unique data and confirmation for your specific machine. I moved this to problems and support so they will see this.

If you are using gmail, use in:trash glowforge and it will search through your trash for things with glowforge in it.

Moving to P&S doesn’t trigger an alert for them. Needs to be created here.

In the meantime, most of what you’ll need is in the support tab:

Thank you

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Thank you for the help

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