Delivered broken


Received my Glowforge today and the front right side just below the button all the way to the bottom is cracked really bad pictures of outside of box and Glowforge to follow:

Please let me know what we need to do. Went from super excited to extremely bummed.


ugh. they’re most likely gonna tell you it needs to be replaced. Don’t throw out any of the packaging material.


That’s a total bummer.


Ugggh…sorry I feel ya. My delivery today got misrouted to who knows where!!


This is the worst thing.


To transfer enough energy through the box and foam cage to do that… fell off the dock?
That yellow tape, is that from flex I wonder?


Not sure was on there when it showed up.


That’s extremely frustrating. I’m sure that the GF team will take care of you.


Oh no! I’m so sorry your Glowforge arrived damaged. :frowning:

We will need to replace your unit and I’ve emailed you with more information on how to proceed. We’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.