Delivery and startup

Just want to add another delivery story to the mix to cap my 2+ year wait. It’s all been told before so I’ll keep it short but sweet - no incidents to speak of, delivered by one driver (who reportedly handled it with care, at least from the truck to our foyer). Took a few days to finish prepping the workspace (shipping somehow didn’t seem real or imminent), but spent a half hour or so this morning setting up at a relaxed pace. Again, no incidents to speak of and have been casually spending the afternoon pumping out a couple projects from the design catalog as test runs of the interface and process. The interface seems clean and straightforward - saving setups would be helpful, but add me to the camp that generally feels adding more features could be detrimental and overly complicate matters. A few more calibration hang ups than expected during production of the first few projects is my biggest complaint thus far (switching the unit off and on has seemed to help).

This smiling face is why I ordered this thing in the first place. Overall, we agree that we’re glad we stuck it out!

The obligatory ruler, and tic-tac-toe and coasters from the design catalog. Remarkably easy, although I’m certainly excited to start the personal projects soon!



Great! yep, that smile tells the story. Congratulations for sticking it out.
There is the ability to edit the name of your file in the UI, and you can add the settings to the name. They won’t auto-populate, but at least they will be right there and not burried in a notebook. Folders are somewhere in the ‘Hopper’.
Enjoy yourselves gentlemen!


Absolutely! Makes me grin too just to see it! Congrats, and i hope both of you have tons of fun! :grinning:


And you’re off! Thanks for sticking with us through the rough spots to make it to the end. :slight_smile:


What a fun start!

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Got my forge today. Still not through the rough spots it seems

Whoops! Please either send that photo to in a direct email, or post it in a new topic in the Problems and Support section to make sure that they see it and can address it. (They will not see it here.)

edit: email was sent