Delivery date but no emails or tracking number

Hello everyone. can anybody enlighten me?
I feel very sad right now.
I ordered my GF plus august 2, 2019. I never received a tracking number. my estimated delivery date is august 16, 2019, which is today…

I emailed earlier asking about the where about of my machine but no reply.
I am sorry if I am venting out in here.

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I can’t believe this is still happening. The usual suspects are SPAM filters but sometimes it is just no communication.

Not sure what shipping is these days. When the UPS thing was going, you could always find info even if you didn’t have a shipping number.

Sign up for FedEx and UPS’s delivery manager services, this has generally been the best way to determine when it ships.

FedEx Delivery Manager

UPS My Choice


Hi Marmak
thank you for taking the time to read and reply in my post.
I am in Canada. I tried to sign up at fed ex manager but I guess we don’t have that service here.
I am very sad right now and a bit angry. it was supposed to be my anniversary gift but guess I have to wait until they can reply to me.


Hi DaveL
thank you. I tried ti sign up but I don’t know if Canada has a service like that? it is actually asking me to provide tracking number.

Ah, Yeah I do not know if they provide that service outside of the US.

There are a few Canadians who’ve gotten delivery - maybe one of them can tell you what company it was and you can see if that company has an equivalent notificaiton service…

@jordanloshinsky, @polarbrainfreeze, @chris.majewski I know there are others…

I got mine delivered to the States and picked it up there, so I unfortunately can’t help you.

yup. still nothing. i wish soon…

Pretty straight forward, with a couple hurdles here.

I noticed in the forum first that people got their golden ticket email, I confirmed I was ready to receive it through glowforge as per the instructions in that email.

FedEx found me to fill in forms. No need for that manager thing.

FedEx was quite aggressive to resolve the issue, they would have had to send it back if they don’t get some paperwork from me. Everyone in the first rounds were “randomly selected” by CBSA for customs clearance. It’s easy to fill, no worries but check your phone messages to make sure you didn’t miss the call from FedEx.

I don’t think that box is getting into Canada without you filling in that General Agency Agreement unless CBSA is now letting them through.

That’s how it went for me, it may be different for you.

If you haven’t already I’d call FedEx and ask where it is and ask if it’s stuck waiting for that GAA

Make sure to @ or PM me if you have any more questions.


Apparently they dont know what happened to my order. Michael said the logistic team are still investigating what happened. he said they cant give me answer yet,

I AM… thinking of just cancelling. it gives me head ache and i get super stress as how they do the business…

It’s surprisingly amazing. Hang in there.

Im in the same situation now has this been resolved or should i just wait and be patient or be calling someone for answeres

By “same situation” do you mean their initial post where they didn’t know, or their later post when they were informed there was an issue and they were working on resolving it.

If the former, definitely contact them if your delivery date has passed and you haven’t gotten your machine

If your delivery date has not passed, be sure to sign up for the two links that @DaveL posted above

If you’re already in contact and are aware there is an issue then sending more emails will slow them down - though you should definitely check your spam folder and be sure to whitelist You can also do a quick check-in using their chat program if you think they might not have received your email. Keep in mind their typical turnaround time on a response is 3 working days

By similar situation i meant delivery date has come and past i have not received my glowforge, delivery date has not been updated and i havent got a tracking number yet either is it the shipping to Canada thing or ny order really unsure what to do couple of e-mails sent but replies were not nuch help. Not really sure who is shipping company to inquire about it either.

So in that situation, as you’ve already sent emails but are unsure/confused about the response, I’d wait until chat is online ( - bottom right corner will say “Chat” - right now it says “Contact Us”) and see if you can get clarification.


I just cancelled it and ask for refund.

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