Delivery date experiences so far?



As reported, I received my Email on September 5th. Today (September 11th) I received a UPS MyChoice notification that a 14.00 lbs. shipment from MODUSLINK / GLOWFORGE would be arriving tomorrow. I am assuming that this is the box containing proofgrade materials. I have not received any notifications directly from Glowforge for the proofgrade materials or for the Glowforge unit itself.

My question: what has been the experience of other Owners? Have you received shipment of the Glowforge unit without notifications? (Forum searches seem to indicate yes, but is there a pattern?) Has the Glowforge unit arrived the same day as the materials?

I am just trying to plan whether I should be asking for a day off to be home when the unit arrives. I have already sent an inquiry off to support with more specifics re: my order # etc. but with a response not guaranteed for several days I wanted to see if collective wisdom has any advice.


That is your proofgrade pack.

The Glowforge will ship separate and be two packages. When you see that, plan your day accordingly.


I received UPS notification of a package en route (Proofgrade material) on 9/6. Glowforge notified me on 9/7 of Proofgrade tracking info.

Later in the afternoon on 9/7, Glowforge emailed me tracking info for the unit itself. Later that night, UPS sent me a notification.

You have MyChoice, apparently - is it working properly for your address? If so, you should be able to see all of the shipments that are on the way to you. The Proofgrade material is supposed to arrive before the unit itself.


I do have MyChoice, but here is the wrinkle: I am moving at the end of the month and did not have an idea of how long it might take to actually ship the unit. Therefore I told Glowforge to ship my unit to my mother’s house. I can add that address as “My Contact” but not as “My Address” so I don’t believe I will receive MyChoice notifications for it.


Also, you might log into UPS MyChoice and change your notifications. I believe the default is something like “day before delivery”.

But, you have lots of options…

You can add multiple addresses to MyChoice (I don’t remember exactly where, but I’ve had that in the past). I always received a postcard with a code that I had to enter back into the system to verify identity. Maybe they don’t like me :slight_smile:

Either way - my experience is that Glowforge will email you the tracking info. But, I’m getting things from different email addresses for them. Proofgrade tracking info came from - Glowforge tracking info came from


Based on the info that is publicly available:

70% of people* received their tracking info email 14 days or less after the initial hello@glowforge email.
90% of people* who received their tracking email had a glowforge delivery in 7 days or less, average was 4 days.

*who reported dates on the spreadsheet


I got my glowforge basic email on 8/22. Proofgrade shipping on 8/28. Still waiting for shipping notification for glowforge itself. I think timelines are stretching out as more emails go out.


@jay_nabedian - the reason for mentioning the two different email addresses was just to make sure they are whitelisted and not going into spam. If you can, at least whitelist those (as well as or the entire domain, if you can.


From the data we have… looks pretty consistent. But there’s a lot at play here, including a holiday weekend and everyone’s relative location.


Exactly the same timeline for me.

The last three weeks’ wait after getting the email has been harder than the last year’s.

I’m also a little peeved every time I see the “We’re shipping day 9 orders” lie in the header. No, Glowforge, if you were shipping day 9 orders, I’d be playing with my day 4 order by now. You’re sending emails to day 9 orders. Big difference, and even more annoying now that it’s so tantalizingly close.


OK, so from what I’m hearing, there have not been cases of a production unit showing up without a shipping or tracking email being sent prior. That was my main worry, not any particular timeline issue of how long since the first email. To be honest, with all the packing and paperwork involved in the move, I’m not sure I would even have time to play with it until next month anyway.


Same exact timeline for me too. And yeah, @nathan_p, the day 9 shipping line drives me crazy too.


We send you another email with tracking information as soon as your Glowforge is ready to ship. I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.

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