Delivery Date Question for you Guys

Hello! I’m a new Glowforge owner! Yay! I ordered about a week and a half ago so I’m still waiting on my unit. The estimated time to delivery of the unit was about 4 weeks.

I’m just curious if this is a pretty accurate wait or if anyone else received theirs faster?


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A few folks have, but generally it seems that the date is a touch short…of course as this is where folks come to complain to support we may just hear about more of the slow deliveries!

They build them to order, and the factory is not the same place as CS is located so they often don’t get updates in a timely manner. If you haven’t already sign up for UPS & FedEx’s delivery notice services (app) and you’ll get a notice anytime something is scheduled for delivery to your address - that’s how many of us found out when they were actually going to arrive!


Thank you, I appreciate the info. Do you know how I go about signing up for the shipping updates?


I think these are really days of uncertainty when it comes to the supply chain. My thinking is that the official notice from Glowforge is your best info. You can use your wait time to get everything in order for the arrival of your machine - table, window vent plan, supplies and also get some designs ready to go.





Also, read around the forum, and you will discover why this place is the best accessory for your new laser! Welcome to the community. :sunglasses:


Second on the advice to sign up for FedEx and UPS delivery notifications. I actually got the email from FedEx (? I think it was them) before I heard from Glowforge that mine had shipped.


Thanks so much! I’m so excited to be a part of the group!


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