Delivery Date :(

I just checked the expected shipping date and found it is now January 30, 2018…may as well be 2075. What the…
What happened to all pre-orders being shipped in October? I am a police officer and I must say this is starting to seem a little bit like theft. To top it off, I have been fighting off cancer for 5 years and now I am starting to get concerned I won’t see this mystical item before I die. Does anyone know of an alternative to Glowforge? I am sure there are other devices out there - they may be more expensive but I venture to say they will deliver when they promise to do so! (%!@#%^&( and other symbols that I am too upset to think of right now!


I’m guessing since you know your estimated shipping date, you’ve read the October update? If not, that’s probably a good place to start. As for alternatives, I think that largely depends on what it is, specifically, you’d like an alternative for. There are lots of other similarly powered lasers available and theyre all generally capable of the same thing.

But if you want an alternative for all the other things glowforge advertised, I’m afraid you might be out of luck. I mean… even Glowforge hasn’t yet delivered all the things Glowforge promised. If you want an alternative with the trace feature and the pass through slot and super easy software and no mirror alignment and whatever else, I dont think there are any other options.

Which I think is probably why, ultimately, there are so many of us still waiting.


When I spoke with a rep from Dremel he told me they should have a Glowforge competitor by Summer 2018 (which I understand is a re-branded Muse). But from what I saw of the prototype it didn’t seem like Glowforge has much to worry about. Hardware looked decent enough. But I didn’t see the Glowforge magic anywhere… the software that makes Glowforge stand out from others. Maybe Dremel will catch up by then though. Who knows.


Glowforges are shipping, and yes the waiting is awful. So far, for my wife and I, the wait was worth it. It is a fun tool that makes us giddy as we use the Glowforge to turn our designs in reality.


In reference to which post and content?

Not everyone coming to this forum has a history of following all the discussions. This GIF is demeaning to them and promotes an “us vs them” mentality…

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There are many of us who have been on this train for two years now, we feel your pain. October was another missed projection, but - the machines are actively shipping now as opposed to the previous delays when nobody was getting anything.
Hang tough man, first in regards to your prognosis, and second in maintaining you patience.
Do what you can to lose the negative energy. Your recovery may be hampered by it. Good Luck!


We got a notification email on October 2nd that our unit was on its way and to confirm our ship address. We did that and the proofgrade shipped within a few days, but now the Glowforge itself has fallen off the face of the earth.

@dan I’m very concerned that a couple weeks have gone by since our notification email, and no shipping info on the Glowforge itself. Further, in the October update we were promised an individual email by mid-month that had the estimated shipping dates on the laser (Pro model) and the filter, we never received that. Looking up our account today, I do not see any shipping date for the Glowforge itself… but I see a date of March 18 for the air filter.

This whole process has been pretty ridiculous, but that seems even more crazy. We ordered our unit on DAY 4 (as in, September 27, 2015). Air filters are due to be shipping starting in January. It’s going to take until mid-March to ship 4 days worth of air filter orders? That either doesn’t seem right, or begs for an explanation.

What gives? The monthly update letters are well-crafted and probably play well with investors, but as a customer I’d appreciate transparency and concrete information.


Mine took about 3 weeks from Golden Email to shipment, which seems to be the going average.

Proofgrade always ships earlier.

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I believe you’ll find in the email you responded to with your acceptance & address that it may take up to 6 weeks - that would be mid-November for you. You’ll not likely see anything else until just before the GF shows up on the brown truck. That’s something that seems they should fix but I expect there’s no connection between Flex’s dispatch system and GF’s internal systems and emails are likely still manual.

The good news is that the 6 weeks seems to be conservative and they’re averaging about 3 now.

Sign up for UPS alerts and you’ll likely see it the day it leaves Flex vs an email from GF the day before it arrives :slight_smile:

Yes, I know it can take up to six weeks, but as per the October update all users were promised an email mid-month with more information. We have not received that email, and while the account page shows information for the air filter (with an insane 75+ day additional wait beyond the January air filter ship date), there is no information about the laser shipment. Other users have received emails and information about their laser ship date. I’m concerned that our order may be falling between the cracks or bungled somehow.

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You’re mixing up the emails being promised and being received.

You were promised an email last week that would tell you about how to find your expect “shipping” date which is really the date an email should come to you asking “do you want your GF”. You didn’t get that. You have found the information that it contains - primarily the link to your account page showing that expected date (which in your case just shows the filter). It did have some other stuff, apologies, clarification you can get your machine before the filter if you want, etc. But mostly it was to point you to your account page. That’s the email people are talking about getting that tells their laser ship date. (It’s not really when your laser will actually hit a truck on its way to you, it’s the date to expect an email asking if you want yours sent to you.)

You didn’t get that one. It doesn’t matter. You got the email that mattered - the one that kicked off the process of actually shipping you a GF.

Once you got that email you were in the shipping fulfillment system. You got your PG box as a result. Now you won’t get another email likely until just before the GF shows up on your door. That is what everyone else is experiencing.

You haven’t fallen through any cracks. If you were to get your PG and not ever (as in before 11-15) get your GF then you’d be the first one to have that happen to.

If you really want to get the first email everyone is talking about, you should send an email to Support or post a question in Problems & Support. They may send it to you or point out that you don’t need it because you’re already in the middle of the shipping process.


I’m have had pretty much the same experience. I got my Golden Ticket email on October 5th. My :proofgrade: box should be delivered today. I don’t yet have tracking on my :glowforge: itself.

So both you and I got the “Golden Ticket” email asking for us to accept our Glowforge with all its beta bits and potential flaws. Then the October Update came out and promised an email that would tell people who hadn’t yet gotten their “Golden Ticket” emails when to expect getting the “Golden Ticket”.

Since you and I already received the “Golden Ticket”, there was no reason to tell us that. And, yes, my Account page also only shows a future shipping date for the Air Filter.

At this point we are both less than 3 weeks into our up-to-6-week wait. I know it seems longer! :slight_smile:

My guess on the Air Filter is that once they start production of it they will have to ramp that production line. Relatively few filters will be produced starting in January. Hopefully, it won’t take as long to ramp that production line as it took for the much more complex laser cutter. I’m guessing they are giving themselves January and February to iron out issues and then start volume production in late February or early March. My Day 5 order has a date a bit over a week later than yours.

So, you’re not alone, and I don’t think there’s anything to worry about.


Just to chime in… I am also in the same boat. I received the Golden Ticket email on Oct 5th and received proof grade kit on Oct 18th. The wait is almost over… almost.


Does anybody have a January shipping date for the filter? I get the impression they are later next year after the Glowforge pre orders have finished.

I don’t, but I do wonder whether the current date is just a pessimal fill-in.

Have we ever seen that from GF? More likely an unrealistically optimistic date like all the rest.

My shipment date isn’t until January of 2018…but I am confident that too will be pushed back.

From the phone of William Robert Pieper…that’s right, my parents named me Billy Bob.

I haven’t seen anyone volunteer they have a January date.

There was this exchange with @dan, however.

A hilarious update…

Our unit arrived a little while ago today. We got an email with tracking info on the accessory box (but not the laser) this morning, but the UPS page was blank (we figured that a label had been printed, but it had not yet been picked up). Lo and behold, a knock at the door a little after 1pm, and there it is. All the handles intact, no dents, dings, or holes in the cardboard, and packed beautifully/safely inside. We’ll test it later today, as we need to get some stuff from the hardware store to sort out a window vent that we’ll need to use for the next 5+ months.