Delivery date

Was wondering if anyone one knows what the difference is between delivery date and shipping date is? Is delivery date the date you can expect it or does that mean it is the shipping date?

Nope. We’re still trying to figure it out after a couple three years. :smile:

( It’s a target shipping date, and it might be somewhat flexible. They’re currently backordered on Pros and Basic machines.)

Three years???!! Not sure about mine then I purchased the plus because the basic and pro we’re out of stock.

Since I believe they currently do have the Plusses in stock, that’s probably a shipping date then. (Actually they used to send out an email when it was about to ship…so that might be what you see first.)

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I believe the definition changed when they went to Amazon and changed from “ship date” to “delivery date”. Dan said that was the projected delivery date (when the big brown truck should be expected to show up at your house).

Our shipping date saga is now the stuff of start-up legend & lore :slightly_smiling_face:


See? We still haven’t figured it out… :laughing:

Thx, was just wondering because we didn’t get an email of shipping yet and says delivery date is tomorrow…

The actual date might be a little fluid…it has been that way in the past. Did you sign up for UPS MyChoice? If not, you need to do it…they generally will notify you of impending deliveries earlier than Glowforge can, since these ship direct from the factory, and the factory has to notify Glowforge who then notifies the customer.

It’s possible for the machine to arrive in advance of the notice if you’re on the west coast, so signing up for UPS MyChoice is a very good idea.


I would expect that a note to Support is in order. You may find they have failed to ship it but your notification dropped through the cracks.

Also check your email’s spam or trash folder for an email from them.

Lol, did send them a email and got an automated email back saying it would take 2-3 days to reply to my email.
Also just signed up with UPS and states no delivery’s today and seems I can’t check tomorrow’s date…til tomorrow…

If you have signed up for UPS My Choice and it’s a residential address you can see what’s scheduled to arrive in the next week.


thank you for bringing up this topic…I wondered the same…mine is set for the 22nd…and after reading the horror stories in the forums regarding the pre purchases i have to say i was leary…

Ok, so yesterday was suppose to be my expected delivery date and nothing came, still haven’t gotten an email. Checked UPS and no delivery’s show up on webpage.
Getting kind of disappointed with glowforge, specially when I have paid in full for their product…

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