Delivery Issue


I signed up for UPS tracking, so I could plan on being available for the packages. Unfortunately a GF was added to the name much like you would have in a Salutation. This makes the tracking useless. Please do not put a GF in front of the name on anybody else’s shipment. .


You mean like “Glowforge John Smith”?


Mine had GF as the salutation as well but it didn’t impact the UPS My Choice notifications.

By the way, congrats!


Actually, it’s

GF {given_name} {surname}
{street address}
{address 2}
{City}, {ST} {ZIP}

I guess that somehow affects looking at tracking though?! I don’t see how.


Mine had GF on the name too and it appeared in UPS My Choice no problem.


Same here.


Mine too. No problem with tracking. My guess is that the GF prefix is something Flex uses to distinguish their internal customer; Glowforge versus other customers.


Mine was the same and I have no problem with UPS My Choice notifying me, well actually notifying my wife as our UPS account is setup with her email address :slight_smile: