Delivery Question

My delivery date moved back a few days to January 4th. How long before that should I receive my notification of shipping? and Also… I have received nothing about my credit for buying proofgrade materials. How do I do that?

Now that I believe it is actually coming, I am starting to be excited again.

Thanks … for everyones help and support!

Unfortunately that’s not the delivery date, it’s the date you get the e-mail asking you if you want your Glowforge. Then it ships up to 6 weeks later.

But you should totally be excited, it’s a great machine.


Mine was delivered a little more than a week after I accepted.

And this is the confusion you cause when you choose to redefine words.


OK, so my shipping date just changed today from Dec. 19 to Dec 26. I guess I just need to understand the terminology a little better. So, as chris1 stated “Ship Date” is the email date and then up to 6 weeks for delivery. I sure am hoping that 25 months of waiting will be worth it.

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It will be very much worth the wait! It’s a beautiful piece of equipment. Almost like art itself!


After 2 years of waiting I’m just numb to it. Not to mention the air filter will take 6 more months. My friends on the other hand use it as a way to kick me since I been talking about for so long. The fact that people are receiving there’s just gives me hope that I’ll have mines soon enough. Besides bugs here and there this machine is at its own rank. There is no other machine that can compare to this pice of art work. Once I receive mines I’m sure I’ll forget about the time delay because I’ll be having too much fun with MY glowforge.

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