Delivery terminology very misleading

I’m a bit bummed. Purchased a Glowforge on 9/19/18 since the pre-order date said “Get yours by November 2018”. The term “by” to me means that it will arrive before November - like by the time November gets here you will have one. The original delivery date showed up as Nov 1st and now I just checked and it’s Nov 30th… Just bummed because I was really looking forward to getting it sooner and now I must wait even longer. My suggestion to the Glowforge staff, perhaps say get it “by the end of Nov” or “delivery before Dec” or even “get it in November”. :frowning:

You’re preaching to the choir! There’s a large contingent of folks around these parts who waited many moons for their pre-orders to complete… :slight_smile:


Everyone in canada signed up as “get it in 6 months”… 3 years ago


I suspect that they intended to get you yours by November (or at least early on) and then things changed, as they unfortunately do.

Hope it stays solid (or moves up) so you have time for some holiday forging!

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Thanks for asking about this. The estimated ship day on your account is updated every time we get production information, good or bad, so the dates will adjust continually as we get new information. Our whole team is working as hard as we can to get your Glowforge delivered as soon as we possibly can.

I’m going to close this thread, but if you have any questions about your specific order, please reach out to

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