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Hi all, I remember reading that I would be contacted nearer to shipping time with a request to confirm the delivery address. Australian delivery is April 30th, has anybody been contacted yet? It notes “delivery” not shipping, on my account, so I imagine it would need to be departing the US pretty soon to arrive in only 25 days. I ordered mine April 2016.
Any updates?

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You know more than we do. I believe that’s the first I’ve heard of it saying “delivery” though. You might want to start prepping your space for it. (Get your venting setup squared away and whatnot.) :slightly_smiling_face:

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The “delivery” date is on your account page. Usually, one month before the date, they stretch it out 3 more months. Mine has been saying April 30th, since they changed it from January.
I’m really wondering if an other Aussies have had an email requesting delivery address confirmation as this is a good sign it’s on its way.

Heard nothing here. I have a Basic being “Delivered” on April 30 and a Pro on June 30. Not sure when it changed from Shipping date. Hopefully not a cruel trick and getting another bump.


Hi all,

My date was revised from April 30th to August 31st in the last few days.

Has anyone in Australia actually received their GF yet (not private import)? Is it due to an importing compliance type issue or just low build numbers?

Ohhhhh noooooo, not again, mine too, they bumped us. I wonder why they can’t have the decency to at least email us. It’s been 3 years wait so far (when it was April 30th,) and now we have to wait another 4 months, this is so upsetting.

They update the top post in this thread with the most recent information whenever updates are available: International Shipping Latest

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