UPS moved my estimated delivery of my replacement from next Monday, to Friday to today in the last 36 hours!!! Was supposed to be delivered between 1 and 5pm today, but the truck showed up at 10am! The driver remembered what happened last time and decided that my house would be one of his first stops instead of the last. Thank you! Now just to wait for an extra set of hands to get it up on its table…


My wife had a suggestion for a name: “The Other Woman” :rofl:


Great to hear it arrived safe and sound.

Something to be said about that nickname. My wife has been what she calls a ‘Computer Widow’ since the late 70’s.

The fact that she did not have to wonder what bar I was in, or what field I was hunting in ‘out there somewhere’ made it okay for her.

She could come into my computer room and throw things at me anytime she needed my attention.

Other Woman works just as well.


Your driver is a good man.

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Best suggested name for the GF :glowforge: from the main GF/Woman!!

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Yay! Glad you got yours!

“The GF” works in that case. Good way to keep the family and friends guessing when you talk about “The GF.” :wink:

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