Delta faucets has a free ear saver program too

Their design is actually kind of clever. Accommodates pony tails.

Screenshot (432)


oh, that is what the round notch is for…

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But can it be space filling so there is no scrap?

Not in its current form, there is potential to pack it somewhat but there will probably be more waste than the design that glow Forge is promoting.

If it is a significantly better design, that might be more valuable than the material cost saved by very tight packing. The design were using now is good, but there are definitely areas where it could be improved — See the truckload of posts where people made alternate versions.

Anyway just thought is was interesting.

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It certainly is that. The Glowforge design cut to be all half distance “flexies” needs an easier way to attach a strap of elastic but I would favor that if that was solved, It would be cool to hold the pony tail and mask with the same gadget :thinking:

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