Depth of focus


For a random reason at the doctor today I brought up that all I can think about is what to laser cut next. Turns out the nurse is a woodworker. He wanted to know what I charged. Considering I’ve only made 5 things, I haven’t thought too much about what to charge. He has some small wood bowls he wants to etch a Design in. Not sure they would fit in the GF. I haven’t seen them yet. But what is the focus range onto or into a curved surface?


Currently it adjusts pretty well for under 1/4". Don’t know about anything beyond that.


So I am also interested in this. With the tray out we can load 2" tall items. The focus is .5 inches or .447 according to several posts. So does this mean that if you load some without the tray you need to shim it up to with the .447 range. Am I thinking correct?


Yes. There are a bunch of threads about that too.


Yes. Consider the crumb tray as your 0.00” point. The item needs to be at that level or higher.


As in on the bottom of the outside of the bowl like a maker’s mark? Unless the bowl is as shallow as a plate, it won’t be on the inside. As regards focus, wood can be fairly unforgiving in that you only need to be close enough in supplying a focus height. That said, it’s not going to be forgiving if you’re engraving something complex as opposed to some letters or something more blocky.

Maybe he wants to cut a template and then use a wood burner?