Depth of product to etch

The biggest thing I would like to see on this is to be able to put in something larger than 1.5Inch in to be able to etch it

@likemyart you are not alone. :smile:
I think that judging from public statements this is not going to happen for version 1.
Dan has said that the molds for the cases are done if not final, and has indicated that there won’t be any changes at this point.

Lots of existing posts on this topic if you search the forums for “height” or “depth”

@jkopel, your response was better than mine, and you beat me to it. :smile:

Yes, I find myself measuring lots of things to see if they will fit under the 1 1/2" limit. I’m sure later versions will have it and perhaps some mods fairly quickly, but out of the box, not yet.


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