Desiccant packet in machine

A few days ago I turned-on my GF Pro and immediately heard a couple of loud thumps. I quickly turned the GF off and started investigating. I saw nothing until I moved the print head. Off on the left side close to the fan duct was a very dusty bag of desiccant. I have had this particular unit for over a year and this is the first time the desiccant bag was visible. I didn’t put it there. Does anybody know why it was there? Was it put there on purpose? Perhaps other owners should look for extraneous parts before they catch on something and cause damage.

After I removed the dusty bag, my machine worked perfectly again.

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they came with a desiccant bag, Amazing it took so long to find it! They were taped to the bottom. but might have come loose.:crazy_face:


Like @rbtdanforth said - some of the machines shipped out about a year or so ago had them. I’m not sure if they still do, and the earliest ones didn’t. (But yeah, checking it over for bags and loose shipping screw gaskets is always a good plan.)


Oh no! I’m sorry about the scare! @Jules and @rbtdanforth are correct - this bag of desiccant may have come loose during shipping. I’m glad you were able to get back up and printing. If you run into any other trouble, please start a new thread or email us at Thanks!