Design App Bugs Since Update?

In the design app I can’t save a custom/manual setting for engrave. It doesn’t work when I try to save as from a previously saved setting, it doesn’t work when I try to override the setting by clicking save. It doesn’t work to create a new manual setting. Just to play around with it I tried deleting a saved setting and deleting a saved setting only works if I refresh the page after manually.

I also had the problem that another user is struggling with: one of my saved designs wouldn’t open. I deleted it because I didn’t care about having to do it over again, but now I’m wondering if my other saved designs will have the same problem. I’m reluctant to test it in case it actually corrupts the design.

Any suggestions? Browser error? Or bugs since update?

Welcome to the forum.

Glowforge support does not monitor this forum, so your best bet would be to email this information to them. As I am not experiencing the problems you are having, I can’t offer any suggestions except to try a different browser.


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