Design Challenge #1

I had a friend who lost a dozen or so to a lightning strike because they’d all decided to huddle together under a very tall tree. Similar results.

When you think about the value beef is pulling at the market currently (my uncle recently mentioned getting over $2/lb on the hoof), you understand why watching $2k+ explode in your field is probably not that amusing. You gotta figure that lightning strike was basically the equivalent of watching a new car explode in the driveway.


Though trying to be more conscious of continuing a slightly derailed thread, I cannot help but be reminded of this story in Oregon. News Report from 1970 when an engineer in Oregon decided that the proper way to get rid of an 8 ton dead whale would be to dynamite it. Result? An exploding whale. Not tragic, though not really that amusing, either…especially if you were a bystander or had your car parked nearby. And most surely, a very poor decision with unintended consequences.


I’ll admit there could be something(s) wrong with me, but blowing up a dead whale with dynamite resulting in flaming whale blubber denting a bunch of cars, is always humorous.

What’s a little morbid are the exploding German toads (google exploding toads Germany).


The puzzle cube reminds me of a Hilbert cube :slightly_smiling_face:

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I agree…and thought it funny, as well. But even more so…utter disbelief. And because I wasn’t standing around on the beach or didn’t have a car parked there, I can find more humor than some. :smiling_imp:

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I took a page from @likeablejerk and made a model of all 3 of my cars on top of the cut files (I liked how he did that).

Here is my final cut file for the 3 cars I made.

I’m releasing the file under the CC BY-NC-SA license (meaning you can share, remix and build upon it, in a non-commercial way)

I’m not sure what’s the best way to add a license to a file. I’ll start a new thread about that.

For this file:

  1. vector all the BLUE lines so they mark the surface, but don’t cut all the way through (score).
  2. raster the RED areas.
  3. vector all the BLACK lines so they cut all the way through.
  4. use a bunch of glue to glue the parts together.

Cool!! FYI in the Glowforge ui we refer to low-power vectors as “scoring”.


does that mean y’all have a lot of points over at glowforge HQ?

Change that a little and it could be a new flexible pattern.

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Score! I like having a word for something I do often. Thanks.

My mini entry. Connect 4. Not really sure this meets the 5th guildline?? It has some parts that move… (delete if needed)

It’s designed to be cut with 1/4 material. I don’t know how to properly do your fancy 3d visualizations… So a flat view will have to do… Use your imagination!!

SVG File If you end up printing it (for personal use only. No resale) I didn’t properlly merge lines between peices so you may need to do that.


Nice, did you see the one on kickstarter a while ago? It used quarters, heads & tails, so you could gamble while playing. My mother would have loved that one, she liked taking our allowances back in a creative way. :grin:


Oh, that’s genius! Haha! I’ve been staying away from Kickstarter lately… It’s dangerous for my wallet ha-ha.


When I click on the SVG File link it gives me a jpg file, not an SVG file. If you send me the SVG, I’ll import it into SketchUp and quickly make you a 3D model if you want.

Pieces are moved by hand and fall by gravity. You’re all good.



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Okay cool. I thought so but wasn’t sure.

HA! I just finished drawing the main unit from your JPG, only to see that you’d posted the SVG. //headdesk

Oh well, here’s the basic unit, without the pieces dropped in:


Am I looking at this wrong? It looks like there are cutouts for 8 spacers, yet I only see 7 spacers on the design…


Dude. You. Are. A. Saint! That’s awesome!! Thank you! Looking at it in 3d the stands are definitely too tall. Ha-ha.

@davidhknowles Yup, you’re right, I miscounted. My bad. It was a late night design. Ha-ha.