Design challenge-Week Two Light

So we are into week two of the challenge. There weren’t a lot of votes last week so remember to send all votes to

For week two the challenge is Light. Design something that involves light, whether that is a candle holder, a frame for a homemade flashlight, a laser made light-bright, or whatever you can think of.

This weeks prize will be a piece of 1/8" acrylic Plexiglas that is 6"x12"

I wrote up some rules, I’m not very good at this type of thing so let me know if you have any thoughts on what I wrote up

Design entry- To enter the challenge post your design which includes a picture of the final image as well as cut files to the Design challenge posting . Designs should be something that the glowforge should be able to cut out of materials that the glowforge can cut. All designs will be in the public domain for anyone to look at or download. The designs can be computer generated or hand drawn but must be given in either a JPG or a pdf format. Designs can be submitted anytime during the week of any given challenge.

Eligibility. everyone is eligible that wants to be.

Prizes-They will be announced with each weekly challenge. Shipping costs are not provided with prizes (most shipping costs should be 5 dollars or less)

Voting-Send all votes to Tony Lawrence at by midnight on the Wednesday following the posting of the challenge. Whoever gets the most votes wins. Tony Lawrence is not eligible to win prizes. Winners will be announced Thursday as well as the new challenge.

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oh yeah, this weeks prize is clear acrylic , last weeks was black acrylic

This is the first one of these I’ve seen on the forum since pre-ordering my Glowforge. Would a physical item be required for this? Or can I design it in illustrator and then mock it up in a 3D program?

you don’t need to make a physical item. Design it in any program you want.

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No time to design something right now, but I can submit my Mission Lamp project. I designed this way back during the pre-order campaign as my first attempt at laser project. There are two PDFs below the rendering, one is the cut files and one is an exploded/construction view.


@joshferintino Thanks for keeping this up. I really wanted to do lasts weeks challenge but i had a killer week at work i ran out of time. I think these are great to get everyone excited about what they can make when they finally get there GF. Thanks again for the motivation.

Love this design @chevalier_jeanpaul! Makes me think of Frank Lloyd Wright :smiley:

@steph_, thanks for the complement! We are big FLW fans. We have visited many of his buildings and try to make a point of researching if he has any designs where we are traveling. It always amazes me how far his reach was.

I seem to recall Dan mentioning in one of his videos (I think it was a live chat) that some of the FLW designs are now in public domain. I have been meaning to follow up on that. If anyone gets around to it before I do, please start a thread based on what you find!

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Anytime! Same here, love his work. So far I’ve only visited Fallingwater, but I plan on seeing as many of his buildings as I can!

Wow, I didn’t know that about his designs- if so, that would be an amazing resource! I’ll definitely have to do some research on that.

Interestingly enough, there is a FLW house right here in my small town of 10,100+, here in Oregon. It was moved down here from Portland and relocated in The Oregon Garden, which, also strangely for a small town, is a huge botanical garden and hotel/restaurant complex. The house offers tours and is used for various small events.

I thought I would take a stab at this week’s challenge. I based it on a stained glass lamp I designed and constructed a few years ago:

I soldered the panels to each other and set the whole thing on a wooden box base containing the bulb. I’d like to be able to mount individual stained glass panels into a simple wooden frame set (actually I think you can buy ones like this) so I came up with this in Sketchup:

Really you could construct everything except the decorative bits on the bottom from 1/2" square rods.

Another possibility would be to use the laser to construct a similar lamp from translucent white acrylic sheet. My idea is engrave the “lead” lines then fill them with black acrylic paint, then paint the backsides of the panels with the colors of the flowers and leaves (purple, yellow, & green). Then mount the panels in the wooden frame. Here’s the design file if anyone wants to try it:

flowerLamp.pdf (447.1 KB)

Cut the red lines and engrave the black lines.


VERY nice. I’d love to see you work it out so that all the wood could be through cut making it a 100% laser project.