Design Documentary Series

While it won’t help with learning design software or any other “how to”, if you subscribe to Netflix they put up a design documentary series titled Abstract: The Art of Design. There are eight independent episodes (no need to watch in numerical order) each featuring a different designer engaged in a different design industry. I’ve only watched two of them. They’re fairly interesting and there are some good nuggets in each. Not a bad waste of 45 minutes.


I ran across this one too. Tried watching the first episode but lasted maybe 5-10 minutes before turning it off, something about it annoyed me. Then I skipped ahead to the Automotive Design episode featuring Ralph Gilles (I’m a car nut by nature) and enjoyed that one, plus it has a sneak peak to a Chrysler plug-in electric vehicle concept.


I came across this as well yesterday and am now 3 or 4 episodes in. I was really inspired by the one on Es Devlin the set designer. I work at a small school in Wyoming and am the director for the spring productions. I was thinking about some similar ideas that she has used for our spring show. I can’t wait until next year when I have my cutter and I can make props, set pieces, costume parts and the like on the laser.


I didn’t watch the first episode until last night. I agree the beginning was tough sledding, but somewhere about the 20 minute mark it was an interesting visual feast until the end.

I expect the font geeks will, well, geek out over the Paula Scher episode.


I watched the Es Devlin episode last night. Glad to see someone else uses quick paper models to help visualize a larger concept!


ooooooh, I love stuff like that. I will definitely look for it! thx!


Thanks for sharing! I couldn’t get through the first one but the second on Tinker Hatfield was really good.

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haha, I did that also. I turned it off after about 5 minutes of watching the first episode. I was hoping the show was going to be amazing, like that “Chef’s Table”. I will go back and watch it when I get some time, but so far it was not looking good.


What I needed to here out of episode 1: Show up and do the work and maybe something will happen.

Maybe design will happen.


OK the Tinker Hatfield episode was really enjoyable. I did not know of him before this show, but he seems likable and authentic.

Also watched Paula Sher last night. Her statement about needing to be in a state of play in order to create, is spot on!


just started watching that last night, hilarious, awesome, inspirational, educational, beautiful. I second this recommendation.